Perfect for perfect doughs.

Proofers provide, in the right measure, everything the dough needs to leaven and grow before being baked - heat and humidity. It is the combination of these two elements that guarantees growth, smoothness, lightness and the best flavour in all doughs. Built entirely in stainless steel, the chambers are very resistant and simple to maintain. The 60 mm thick door and the double glass window ensure total stability of the interior temperature.

closing system.

The magnetic closing system, in addition to avoiding the inconvenience of poorly closed doors, guarantees thermal stability inside the warming oven.

Risen bread
is blessed bread.

The continuous steam boiler enables heat and humidity to be evenly distributed throughout the warming oven. All trays will be under the same conditions for an even rising of the dough.

The secret?
Heat and humidity.

The controlled climate control of vertical warming ovens results in the perfect proofing of bakery and pastry products.

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